Dear Randy, I appreciate your prompt service. The installation looks great. Again thanks, Jay Bealer.
Jay Bealer
Called on Friday for next Monday service and I was grateful for them to squeeze me in. He grabbed a new part from his truck for my AC unit and fixed the small problem even though we didn't ask/expect him to as we ordered the service call for inspection only. He could have not done anything and waited for us to call him back for another service call. I'd recommend their service
Sarah Tolouse
We had a very good experience. our technician was Jeff he was nice and personable. 🙂
Ken Krauss
Superior service today--thank you so much for turning my giganic problem into a most pleasant experience--and I have heat!!!
Ryan Greenberg
They got my attention after a friend of mine recommended them with such passion like it was his business. Now I know why he recommended their services, because they are the best air conditioning contractors ever.
Theresa Figg
Jeff is awesome – great technician fast service – Pam always gets us what we need. Say hi to Randy for me. Thank you.
Austin Brawner
I went through some really unfortunate circumstances this year. I still owed a balance to Cantrell’s for some work they did and instead of making my life harder, they worked with me in regards to the bill I still owed. I appreciate their patience and understanding on paying my account off. I had to use a large part of my tax refund to pay for a family member’s funeral. I am forever grateful that they have worked with me during this difficult time. Their efforts and understanding will not go unnoticed.
Joshua Gavin
As always, prompt service, knowledgeable techs, fair prices. I'm closing on 2 more duplexes next Friday... 4 more units for them to maintain!
Pete Winters
Perfect hvac contractor. These guys provided the best hvac service I have used. Everything was smooth, fast and with top quality. Thank you guys and I highly recommend you as an excellent hvac contractor to everyone.
Amanda Jason